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Three-station non-standard manual sand blasting machine mahogany furniture sand blasting machine

Three-station non-standard manual sand blasting machine mahogany furniture sand blasting machine

Three-station non-standard manual sand blasting machine mahogany furniture sand blasting machine
CategoriesManual sandblasting machine series
Update TimeOctober 1,2023
Detail Information
1 Host
The casing is welded with 2.0MM steel plate, and the inner and outer surfaces are sprayed.
Main engine compartment size: 1800 (long) * 800 (wide) * 800 (high) (MM)
Mainframe dimensions: 1800 (length) * 1300 (wide) * 1700 (height) (MM)
The machine is equipped with a special dust box, sandblasting hand holes: 4, see-through window: 2. It is possible to simultaneously sandblast two people.

A filter screen is arranged in the lower part of the nacelle to prevent the workpiece or large debris from falling into the tank to block the spray gun and affect normal processing.
In the longitudinal direction of both sides of the main machine, there are operation hand holes to facilitate sandblasting of workpieces of different lengths. The main unit is equipped with two sides to open the door for easy loading and unloading of the workpiece and sandblasting operation. The door is welded by 2.0MM steel plate. The inside is reinforced with stiffeners. The door frame is sealed with a car seal and a double seal is applied to the door.
Door size: 600*670MM

Two fluorescent lamps are installed on the left and right sides of the cabin to ensure clear vision during sandblasting. Power switch, electric control box and pressure regulating valve. The intake pressure and blasting pressure gauge are all located above the machine compartment for easy operation.
2  Spray gun
The number of spray guns is 2, the nozzle size is 8*20*30MM, and the material is boron carbide.
The spray gun can freely adjust the blasting angle according to the blasting requirements of the workpiece. distance.
3  Window:
In the sand blasting work area of the machine, a window is provided to directly observe the processing condition, so that the processing process and manual sand blasting can be easily observed.
4  Machine rack rack
The working chamber of the machine has a slanting rack of 45 degrees. The rack is welded with channel steel and angle iron with pulleys. It is convenient for the long strip type workpiece to be pushed and blasted.
5  Under the sand bucket: 2
Dust removal system:
(A) Dimensions: 500mm * 1000mm * 1600mm. The 16 bags are arranged and distributed in the dust collector to effectively remove the dust particles generated during the sandblasting work.
(B) The bag is equipped with a dedicated rapping switch, (the switch is located above the machine, easy to operate)
(C). Dust extraction (sanding sand) fan: 1 medium pressure fan Power: 1.5KW
Sandblasting principle
Inhalation type blasting, that is, using compressed air to flow at a high speed in the lance to form a negative pressure to generate an ejector, the sand in the cyclone tank is sucked into the lance through the shale pipe, and then jetted at high speed by the nozzle with the compressed air flow. Go to the surface of the workpiece to achieve the purpose of blast cleaning.
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