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Small manual abrasive sanding machine

Small manual abrasive sanding machine

Small manual abrasive sanding machine
Small manual abrasive sanding machineSmall manual abrasive sanding machine
CategoriesManual sandblasting machine series
Update TimeOctober 1,2023
Detail Information
Equipment Name
   1 set
Equipment dimensions
1250mm * 900mm  * 1700mm 
Equipment working room size
700mm * 900mm  * 700mm
Cyclone separator size
250 diameter * 750 high
Dust removal fan
0.37KW 220V 50HZ
one 18w fluorescent lamp
Number of guns
1 (aluminum alloy with boron carbide nozzle)
2.0mm cold rolled steel plate welded
Perspective window
1 frame
Sand bucket
Foot switch
Workbench opening
2, a total of 1 pair of gloves
side opening door 660mm high * 440mm wide
Air pressure is greater than
                 5bar (kg/cm2) (air compressor is about 1 cubic meter of demand         equipment)
Maximum load capacity
95 kg
Total power
about 0.38kw
Total weight
 0.38 tons

This machine is suitable for the sandblasting processing requirements of your company's products. It is designed with special blasting equipment to eliminate the dirt, scratches and other debris on the surface, so that the surface can reach matt state. It can also be used for other forging castings and welding. Parts, heat-treated parts, stamped fighter parts, electronic parts, rust removal, descaling surface and uniform blasting surface and increased surface adhesion or pre-treatment steps for spraying, plating, and painting.

Machine installation
The blasting machine should be installed on the ground with a solid ground and no anchor bolts are required.
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