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40 station automatic continuous sand blasting machine

40 station automatic continuous sand blasting machine

40 station automatic continuous sand blasting machine
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Update TimeApr 17,2024
Detail Information

 The host shell

It is welded with 3mm thick steel plate and painted on the surface. The key parts are provided with a shield and rubber skin to prevent dust from escaping. The lower part of the cabin has a filter screen to prevent large debris and workpiece from falling into the sand. The observation machine on the main part of the blasting machine can observe the whole process and handle the unexpected situation at any time.

Spray mainframe dimensions: 1700mm (length) * 1800mm (width) * 2150mm (height) (excluding separator height);

Dust box dimensions: 1000mm (length) * 1000mm (width) * 2000mm (height) (excluding fan height)

Large turntable size: Ø2100mm is placed on 40 small sandblasting stations;

Sandblasting gun: 2 groups of 8 (swing speed can be frequency-controlled, the angle can be adjusted by 360°);

Total equipment power: about 10.5kw.

Dust removal system

This machine is equipped with a 6 filter dust box to prepare a special dust filter for PHOENIX brand of Sino-Japanese joint venture. The filtration efficiency is 99% larger than 10 microns. It can effectively separate the dust from the gas, remove the dust generated during the work, and greatly reduce the damage caused by environmental pollution. Its exhaust gas emission can reach the national environmental protection emission standard (GB-/T16157-1996): TSP≤120mg/m3.

The filter dust collector is composed of a high-efficiency filter element, a backflushing filter mechanism, a centrifugal fan, a dust collecting bucket, a body, a duct, and a duct elbow.

1) The body is welded by 2.5mm high-quality low-carbon steel plate, and the inner and outer surfaces are painted. Dimensions: 1250 × 1000 × 2000 (mm).

2) High-efficiency filter element φ320×600, a total of 6 pieces. The high-efficiency filter element is used for dust removal treatment, and the purification effect is in line with national environmental protection standards. The high-efficiency filter element is made of 100% polyester fiber material with a thickness of 0.7mm, a gas permeability of 10um, a gas resistance of 2.98mbar (the required pressure is 2.98mm water column when the air flow rate is 40cm/s), and the temperature resistance is up to 130 degrees. .

3), centrifugal fan 4-72 type, A-type transmission, power: 7.5KW, speed: 2900 rev / min.

4) The back-blowing filter mechanism is composed of a gas storage tank, a pulse solenoid valve, a gas pipe and the like.

5) The dust collecting truck is welded by 3mm high-quality low-carbon steel plate and painted on the surface. Dimensions: 400 × 400 × 300 (mm).

6) The air duct is made of PVC pipe and the surface is painted. An air volume adjusting plate is arranged at the elbow of the air duct to adjust the amount of air intake.

7), cleaning method: pulse vibration cleaning.

 The supporting requirements of the machine

Power supply: three-phase, 380V, 7KW, 50HZ power socket;

Gas source requirements: dry compressed air, the pressure is selected within the range of 5~8bar, the flow must reach 6 cubic meters;

Abrasive requirements: For the best results, 60-180 mesh brown corundum or glass beads can be used.

Gas source pipeline requirements: pressure pipeline, 1.5 inches or more.

Workshop requirements: solid and level ground, 15~25m2 space, height 4M or more.

Air compression system (customer-owned):

The blasting pressure can be adjusted according to the process requirements. The pressure varies from 1 to 7 bar. The spray gun is controlled by a pressure regulating valve and equipped with a pressure gauge. The air compressor is required to meet the air pressure of not less than 7 bar, and the six spray guns must be equipped with a flow rate of 6 m3. /min Dry compressed air (owned by the user) and equipped with a 1m3 gas tank. One dryer.

Energy allocation and consumption

1. 1 centrifugal fan: power 7.5kw; (Jiuzhou)

2, the spray gun swing motor 1: power 0.4kw; (City State)

3, turntable motor 1: power 1.5kw; (City State)

6, lighting and control circuit: power about 0.25kw;

7, the total power of the machine: about 10kw except for the air compressor.

Common faults and troubleshooting methods

Fault phenomenon

possible reason

Method of exclusion

Unclear view when sandblasting

Sand is too fine

Use coarser sand


Filter plugging

Vibrating filter

Low processing efficiency

The return pipe is blocked

Remove the sand tube and check the cause


The nozzle hole is too large

The aperture cannot be greater than 12.0mm


Air pressure is too high

Reduce the pressure


Sand contains too much dust

Replace the sand


Air pressure is too low

Increase pressure


Too little sand

Add sand


Sand contains too much dust

Replace the sand


The gun position is not adjusted correctly.

Adjust it


Spray gun machine spray gun and nozzle are too small

Replace larger guns and nozzles

Sandblasting uneven or pulsating

Too little sand

Add sand


Returning sand pipe blockage

Clean it up


Air pressure is too low

Increase pressure


Sandblasting line blocked

Airway blockage



Clear the blockage



Check if the nozzle is normal


Sandy material

Check for water in the gas path



Sand change


Separator tank regulator air gap is too small, so that the abrasive can not be output

Air gap

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