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Intermittent automatic turntable sandblasting machine

Intermittent automatic turntable sandblasting machine

Intermittent automatic turntable sandblasting machine
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Update TimeJanuary 28,2023
Detail Information
Working principle
Inhalation type blasting, that is, using compressed air to flow at a high speed in the lance to form a negative pressure to generate an ejector, the sand in the cyclone tank is sucked into the lance through the shale pipe, and then jetted at high speed by the nozzle with the compressed air flow. Go to the surface of the workpiece to achieve the purpose of blast cleaning.
The machine has novel design, reliable structure, convenient operation, high processing efficiency and low energy consumption.

This machine is suitable for the blasting processing requirements of your company's products. It is designed with special blasting equipment to eliminate the dirt, scratches and other debris on the surface, so that the surface can reach matt state. It can also be used for other forging castings and welding. Parts, heat-treated parts, stamped fighter parts, electronic parts, rust removal, descaling surface brightening and obtaining a uniform blasting surface and increasing surface adhesion or pre-treatment for spraying, plating, and painting.
This machine adopts fully automated single-person blasting operation, intelligent microcomputer [PLC] control, and truly safe production. The small turntable is driven by a single motor. The speed is controlled by the inverter for stepless speed regulation. The spray gun set adopts a fixed structure, which can adjust the spray distance and angle to achieve the best sandblasting effect.

The machine is designed with 6 guns, and 4 workpieces are placed at the same time. The workpieces are cleaned one by one in batch and continuous rotation, and the workpieces are cleaned out automatically without stopping. The spray gun can be arbitrarily oscillated, and the speed and sand output can be adjusted. The large turntable adopts the proximity switch to control the positioning, and the positioning is accurate. Each time a station is rotated by 90°, one workpiece is transferred out of the machine compartment for each rotation, and the interval can be continuously continuous. Time to work.
Sand recycling system:
This machine is equipped with an upper cyclone separator, which can automatically separate and store the abrasives that can be used continuously and the useless dust. Therefore, the abrasive can be recycled, which greatly reduces the abrasive consumption and saves costs.

Dust removal system:
The machine is designed for full-sealing operation and is equipped with a special dust box to store all the dust generated during the cleaning process. The solid machine does not produce any environmentally 
unsatisfactory index.

Technical Parameters:
The main structure is welded by 2.5mm-15mm thick cold rolled steel plate.

Dust collector:
2.5MM thick cold rolled steel plate welded.
Appearance spray treatment [color can be determined according to your company's requirements], finished parts are made of 45# steel.
Dimensions: 1600mm*1500mm*2200mm (auxiliary height: 2780mm)
Workroom size: 1595mm*1495mm*900mm
Dust box size: 1000mm*1000mm*2400mm (pulse dedusting with air bag, cylinder rapping control)
Dust removal fan: 4.0KW 380V 50HZ
Flow rate: 2504m/h
Wind pressure: 4603pą
Small turntable: Ø 350 × 10mm thick × 4
The speed is: 0-40 rev / min. Using the frequency converter speed regulation, the inverter adopts Taiwan Delta brand. The inverter power is: 0.55KW.
Drive motor power: 0.55KW 380V 50Hz 1400 rev / min
Large turntable: Ø 1100×15mm thick
Speed: 8 rev / min fixed speed
The driving motor power is: 0.75KW 380V 50Hz 1400 rpm
Gun rack swinging device: speed: 0-40 rev / min
The number of spray guns: 6 guns Aluminum spray gun, carbonized boron nozzle (1 set with machine)
Lighting: 220V, 18w energy-saving lamps 3
Air requirements: dry compressed air at a pressure of 5-8 BAR (KG/CM2).
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