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Tracked automatic sandblasting machine

Tracked automatic sandblasting machine

Tracked automatic sandblasting machine
CategoriesAutomatic sandblasting machine series
Update Time2021-06-13
Detail Information
       the host shell
Sandblasting area size
1600mm (length) × 1100mm (width) × 830mm (height).
Overall dimensions
3700mm (length) × 1920mm (width) × 3200mm (height)
Feed inlet
1100mm (width)
Dust box size
1200mm (length) × 1200mm (width) × 2400mm (height)
Sandblasting gun
a total of 18 in 4 groups (swing speed stepless frequency control, angle can be adjusted 360°); belt horizontal position 2 (fixed)
Energy allocation and consumption
1 centrifugal fan
 power 5.5
One spray gun swing motor
power 0.75kw;5kw;
One horizontal spiral motor
power 0.75kw;
lighting and control circuit
power about 0.25kw;
the upper and lower auger power
 lifting motor power
the total power of the machine
except for air compressors about 11kw
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