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Manual glass sand blasting machine

Manual glass sand blasting machine

Manual glass sand blasting machine
Manual glass sand blasting machineManual glass sand blasting machine
CategoriesGlass plate sandblasting machine series
Update TimeJanuary 28,2023
Detail Information
Non-standard plate sand blasting machine
Workroom size 
900×700×1400 (mm)
Machine lighting
 220V 13W energy saving lamp
Separator motor 
220V 50Hz 1000W
 Separator air volume 
Compressed air source
Outer conveying size  
1800×600×100 (2 pieces)
  Dust box size 
 Workpiece size 
1.4M* length is not limited
Power supply  
380V 50Hz

1. The design is novel, the appearance is beautiful, and the environmental protection effect is good;

2. Adjustable cyclone separator can separate the available abrasive from the fine dust, and the good abrasive continues to be used;

3. The main parts are made of high quality imported parts and have a long service life;

4. This machine is equipped with a manual spray gun for 360 degree sandblasting operation.    
Application range
Suitable for sandblasting of various types of plates with unlimited length, such as: flat glass, marble, door panel, art glass, marble sheet, metal sheet, etc., can be customized according to the width of the customer's sheet, or according to customer requirements, select manual Or automatically.
Product Usage
This machine is a manual type glass blasting machine specially designed for glass processing. The machine can spray sand on various patterns and sizes of the glass, and the effect is fine and uniform. It can mass produce all kinds of glass and granite spray on the surface. Machine structure The design is strong and the appearance is beautiful. The body is fully painted to prevent rust and keep it all year round. The body has been carefully designed to achieve a very clean operating environment. The machine is equipped with automatic dust collecting equipment, which can automatically collect the glass blasting. Dust, and automatically separate dust and sand. The machine body is equipped with special rubber to protect the body and eliminate noise.
Performance and advantages
The machine is operated by flat-panel mechanical operation, with beautiful appearance, compact structure, reliable performance, convenient operation, low power consumption, labor saving, low cost, large processing area, fast and uniform speed, and corundum can be automatically recycled and equipped. Dust filtering function, high degree of automation. It is an ideal equipment for glass wholesale, glass processing enterprises (such as glass sandblasting, flat spray, straight strips and squares) and individual glass front and back shop operators.
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