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The first entrepreneur meeting of the Pearl River Branch of the Pingjiang Chamber of Commerce in Hunan Province in 2018 was successfully held.

The first entrepreneur meeting of the Pearl River Branch of the Pingjiang Chamber of Commerce in Hunan Province in 2018 was successfully held.

June 15,2018
On the morning of June 15, 2018, the Entrepreneur Conference of the Pearl River Branch of the Pingjiang Chamber of Commerce in Hunan Province was held in Zhongshan Bendian Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd.

According to the meeting procedure, the meeting first elected the executive chairman of the Zhongzhujiang branch. Mr. Zhang Zhaolong, the chairman of the Zhongfuhao Lighting Factory in Henglan Town, Zhongshan City, was elected as the new executive president of the Pearl River Branch and the executive vice president (Executive Committee) Mr. Liu Weiguo. On behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Zhang was awarded a license. The Executive President, Mr. Zhang Zhaolong, at the meeting, gave a passionate and responsible inauguration speech on the topic of “Creating a valuable, meaningful and dreamy club organization”. Entrepreneurs such as Li Hui and director Luo Lin at the meeting also put forward very useful suggestions for the future development of the club.

General Manager Tang Donglian of Zhongshan Bendian Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd. was invited to share her experience in exploring foreign markets. Mr. Tang explained her professionalism and how to do a good job in collecting big data. Through data, it provides support and decision-making for investment, market share and accurate understanding of customer groups. Vice President Li Hui also suggested at the meeting that if the Chamber of Commerce enterprises intend to open up foreign markets, they can entrust Tang's data project and put out a product to be tested on this platform. This proposal was endorsed by the majority of participating entrepreneurs, and Mr. Tang also expressed his strong support.
At the meeting, the entrepreneurs also discussed the entrepreneurial spirit of Foshan Fassa Building Materials Co., Ltd., which was inspired and inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of “enterprise, enterprise management, self-reliance”. Executive Vice President (Executive Committee) Mr. Liu Weiguo and Executive Chairman of the China Pearl River Branch Mr. Zhang Zhaolong jointly suggested that the Zhongzhujiang Branch organize the entrepreneurs of the China Pearl River Branch to observe and study in Faso in October, so that the entrepreneurs of the China Pearl River Branch We are constantly growing and growing.
The meeting was proposed by President Tong Yulin and Executive Vice President Liu Weiguo. Secretary-General Li Zhaohui presided over the meeting and the meeting was a complete success.
On June 19, 2018, the Secretariat of Hunan Pingjiang Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province visited two companies in the China Pearl River Branch.
1. Mr. Huang Jiangcai, Chairman of Zhongshan Xintai Automation Equipment Co., Ltd
Huang Jiangcai, Pingjiang Yuping, member of the Hunan Pingjiang Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province, and secretary general of the Zhongzhujiang Branch. He founded Zhongshan Xintai Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. in 2010. He was only 27 years old when he was founded.
The company has developed into a small reputation in the industry, and Foxconn and other large well-known companies have become their customers. The current annual profit has reached several million yuan.
Huang is always a person who has a sense of crisis in the company. He said: "The current business of the company is not a problem. It is mainly the result of our products being carefully prepared in the past few years. It also has a certain reputation in the industry, but our company also There are weaknesses. If we want to be bigger and stronger, we need to work harder on team building and corporate culture. In the end, the competition of enterprises will ultimately compete in the internal management and corporate culture. In the future, our company will go in this direction. Work hard."
Zhongshan Xintai Automation Co., Ltd. was also named “High-tech Enterprise” in 2017.
2. Mr. Zhang Zhaolong, General Manager of Mingfuhao Lighting Factory, Henglan Town, Zhongshan City
Zhang Zhaolong, Pingyang Sanyang people. The days of working in the south were extremely difficult, but he never gave up, but he was down-to-earth, diligent, and constantly learning. In the early 20s, he was appointed as the director of a lighting factory by a foreign-funded enterprise. At the position of the factory manager, this mountain scorpion learned to manage and learn the establishment of interpersonal relationships.
   In the following years, he quit his job with a relatively rich salary. In order to pursue his dream, he started the road to entrepreneurship. He established the Mingfuhao Lighting Factory in Zhongshan Henglan Town. At the peak, he had three factories and hundreds of workers.
   Due to the competition in the lighting industry and the short replacement cycle of the lighting industry, his company has experienced the plight of most SMEs。
At present, the famous Regal Lighting Company makes full use of the technology of Internet +, spends a lot of money and cooperates with creative Internet talents, and vigorously promotes online and offline sales. This change of thinking has ushered in a new spring for the famous rich.
   Mr. Zhang once said with a heartfelt heart: "People must learn all their lives. Only learning can grow. It is more important to do business. Only by learning and growing, companies can cope with different challenges. Fassa is our role model!"
   We have reason to believe that Zhang Zong’s spirit of being open-minded and eager to learn has the enthusiasm of Zhang’s service to the friends of Zhongzhujiang Township. With Zhang’s good communication and integration ability, the Zhongzhujiang Branch will definitely become a star of the club. Chapter organization.

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