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How to save abrasive when using sand blasting machine?

How to save abrasive when using sand blasting machine?

Update Time:2019-06-17
Abrasive losses for several major reasons: dust collectors, separators, air pressure, sandblasting tubes, abrasive recovery systems.

1. Regularly clean the dust in the dust collector.

2. The separator is generally divided into air sorting mode and mechanical sorting mode. The user can select the corresponding separator according to the sand material used for processing the workpiece before purchase, in order to achieve better separation effect.

3. The air pressure adjustment should be appropriate, and the air pressure should be adjusted according to the hardness material of the workpiece.

4. Excessive bending of the sandblasting pipe will produce certain resistance to the sand material, increase the impact of the abrasive on the sand pipe, reduce the service life of the sand pipe, and also have a certain friction between the abrasive and the abrasive.

5. The wear of the spray gun will also cause the abrasive to be sprayed too much, and the abrasive loss is fast.

6. The sand recycling system is also divided into pneumatic recovery and mechanical recovery. According to the sand material, the two can be used synchronously in the metal sand material.

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